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Apple Watch Basics Apple Watch Basics

Apple Watch Basics

Bring your Apple Watch—along with your iPhone—and get familiar with your most personal device yet. We’ll show you how to get started using Glances, gestures, watch faces, and more.

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iBooks Author for Teachers iBooks Author for Teachers

iBooks Author for Teachers

Learn how to create interactive class materials with iBooks Author and reach your students in all the ways they learn. Find inspiration in how other educators are using iBooks in the classroom. See how simple, yet impactful it is to teach your topic with your unique perspective on iPad and Mac.

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iCloud Basics iCloud Basics

iCloud Basics

iCloud helps you access your files across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and the web. Learn great ways to share files with friends and family, and get peace of mind with backups and automatic syncing.

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iOS in Business iOS in Business

iOS in Business

Join us for this special event about iPhone and iPad in business. Learn how iOS delivers a powerful, yet simple integrated experience. Discover how apps are inspiring new and better ways to work. And find out how iPhone and iPad fit into virtually any business environment with a layered approach to security and scalable deployment options.

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iPhone and iPad Basics iPhone and iPad Basics

iPhone and iPad Basics

Come get an introductory tour of your iPhone or iPad. We’ll show you the basics of navigating, getting organized, and keeping your device up to date.

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iPhone Photography iPhone Photography

iPhone Photography

Learn how to capture and edit great-looking photos using the camera and tools already on your iPhone.

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Mac in Business Mac in Business

Mac in Business

Come learn how easy it is to run your business on a Mac. From performance and compatibility to the best apps for business — our team has you covered.

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Study Smart: Mac Tips for Students Study Smart: Mac Tips for Students

Study Smart: Mac Tips for Students

Get even more done in class and while you study with features that are already on your Mac. Discover settings to help you capture ideas and notes quickly. Learn top tips and little-known tricks to get you through lectures, study groups, papers, and even the entire year.

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