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App Spotlight: AccountEdge App Spotlight: AccountEdge

App Spotlight: AccountEdge

From flower shop to design studio to custom furniture manufacturer, AccountEdge handles all of your accounting and grows with your business, right from your Mac, iPad, and iPhone. At this event, presented by a representative from Acclivity, you’ll see how to create sales, track purchases, handle your banking, process payroll and inventory, track and bill time, manage your customers and vendors, and access over 200 financial reports. Start and maintain a well-organized, successful business with AccountEdge.

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App Spotlight: Daylite App Spotlight: Daylite

App Spotlight: Daylite

Daylite is a business productivity manager designed to help you manage your business and your team. More than just a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Daylite can manage your company’s projects, sales, contacts, tasks, appointments, meetings, notes, and email. At this event, presented by a representative from Marketcircle, you’ll learn how to manage your business using Daylite on a Mac, and you’ll see how Daylite Touch for iPad and iPhone helps keep your business at your fingertips, anywhere you go.

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App Spotlight: FileMaker App Spotlight: FileMaker

App Spotlight: FileMaker

Create your own solutions for iPad and iPhone. Join us to learn what you'll need to build your first custom iOS solution in hours, not weeks, with the FileMaker 13 platform. Organize client information, manage projects, track inventory, or drive essential business processes with an iOS solution that solves your specific business challenges. Design tools and sharing capabilities in FileMaker make it easy to create and deploy professional-looking iOS solutions — without coding.

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App Spotlight: Parallels Desktop App Spotlight: Parallels Desktop

App Spotlight: Parallels Desktop

With Parallels Desktop for Mac, you can seamlessly run OS X and Windows applications side-by-side with speed and control. At this event, presented by a representative from Parallels, you’ll see a demo of Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac and learn how it lets you use Windows applications in the Mac OS X environment without compromising performance.

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Business at the Apple Store Business at the Apple Store

Business at the Apple Store

Let's talk business. Come to a special event to learn how our team is here to help you and your team. Explore our solutions and support, share ideas, network with peers and see how others use Apple products to improve their day-to-day productivity.

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iOS in Business iOS in Business

iOS in Business

Join us for this special event about iPhone and iPad in business. Learn how iOS delivers a powerful, yet simple integrated experience. Discover how apps are inspiring new and better ways to work. And find out how iPhone and iPad fit into virtually any business environment with a layered approach to security and scalable deployment options.

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