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Enhance Your Movie Editing with iMovie for Mac Enhance Your Movie Editing with iMovie for Mac

Enhance Your Movie Editing with iMovie for Mac

Already familiar with iMovie basics? In this intermediate workshop, you’ll learn some of the best tips and tricks for making precision edits and adding stunning effects to your video.

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iCloud Basics iCloud Basics

iCloud Basics

iCloud helps you access your files across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and the web. Learn great ways to share files with friends and family, and get peace of mind with backups and automatic syncing.

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iPhone and iPad Basics iPhone and iPad Basics

iPhone and iPad Basics

Come get an introductory tour of your iPhone or iPad. We’ll show you the basics of navigating, getting organized, and keeping your device up to date.

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Personalize Your Mac Personalize Your Mac

Personalize Your Mac

Already familiar with the basics? Come to this workshop to discover great ways to personalize your Mac. Find out how to customize your desktop or screen saver and learn handy keyboard shortcuts, gestures, and more.

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Stay Connected Stay Connected

Stay Connected

Discover great new ways your devices can help you stay in touch using FaceTime, Messages, Find My Friends, and more.

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Staying Organized on Your Mac Staying Organized on Your Mac

Staying Organized on Your Mac

In this workshop, you’ll learn about built-in tools to help you stay organized on your Mac. Discover how to create files and folders, save documents, locate them in Finder, and share them using Mail and iCloud.

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