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Discover Your iPad (Cantonese) Discover Your iPad (Cantonese)

Discover Your iPad (Cantonese)

Come learn about iOS 7, built-in apps, iCloud, the App Store, and more. We know iPad will become your new favorite way to do just about everything.

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Discover Your iPhone (Cantonese) Discover Your iPhone (Cantonese)

Discover Your iPhone (Cantonese)

Let us show you some of the features of iOS 7 and built-in apps that make the everyday things you do even more incredible with iPhone.

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Discover Your Mac (Cantonese) Discover Your Mac (Cantonese)

Discover Your Mac (Cantonese)

We're eager to show you some Mac basics and share some tips and tricks. Come see how easy it is to get started, stay organized, and get the most out of your new Mac.

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iCloud (Cantonese) iCloud (Cantonese)

iCloud (Cantonese)

We’ll show you how to set up a free iCloud account and use it to keep the content on your devices up to date automatically — no syncing required.

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iPhoto for iOS (Cantonese) iPhoto for iOS (Cantonese)

iPhoto for iOS (Cantonese)

iPhoto for iOS is the perfect home for all your photos. Learn how to organise, edit and share them all from your iOS device.

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iTunes, App Store, and iBooks Store (Cantonese) iTunes, App Store, and iBooks Store (Cantonese)

iTunes, App Store, and iBooks Store (Cantonese)

Find out how to browse and download the music you want to hear, the movies you want to watch, and the books you want to read. And learn how to find a variety of useful and entertaining apps in the App Store.

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Making Music on your Mac with GarageBand Making Music on your Mac with GarageBand

Making Music on your Mac with GarageBand

Come and celebrate iTunes Festival at the Apple Store. We’ll show you the best ways to record and mix your own music with GarageBand — and then share it with the world — on your Mac.

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Numbers for iOS (Cantonese) Numbers for iOS (Cantonese)

Numbers for iOS (Cantonese)

Sophisticated spreadsheets are just the start. Learn how to combine your data with dramatic interactive charts, tables and images — with just a few taps — in our Numbers for iOS workshop.

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