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Business at the Apple Store Business at the Apple Store

Business at the Apple Store

Let's talk business. Come to a special event to learn how our team is here to help you and your team. Explore our solutions and support, share ideas, network with peers and see how others use Apple products to improve their day-to-day productivity.

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Discover Your iPad (French) Discover Your iPad (French)

Discover Your iPad (French)

Come learn about iOS 8, built-in apps, iCloud, the App Store, and more. We know iPad will become your new favorite way to do just about everything.

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iCloud (French) iCloud (French)

iCloud (French)

We’ll show you how to set up a free iCloud account and use it to keep the content on your devices up to date automatically — no syncing required.

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iPhone Photography (French) iPhone Photography (French)

iPhone Photography (French)

Learn how to shoot and edit great-looking photos using the camera and tools built right into iPhone.

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iTunes, App Store and iBooks Store (French) iTunes, App Store and iBooks Store (French)

iTunes, App Store and iBooks Store (French)

Find out how to browse and download the music you want to hear, the movies and TV shows you want to watch, and the books you want to read. And learn how to find a variety of useful and entertaining apps in the App Store.

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Using Your Devices Together (French) Using Your Devices Together (French)

Using Your Devices Together (French)

Mac, iPhone, and iPad work seamlessly together with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. Take a phone call from your MacBook Air. Start an email on your Mac and finish it from your iPad. No matter what device you’re using, we’ll show you the best ways to pick up right where you left off.

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